China decided not to implement the high-intensity COVID-19 virus prevention policy

This article was last updated on 2022-12-22, the content may be out of date.

Loose policy

China issued “ten new policies” to further relax the COVID-19 epidemic prevention policy.

  • Allow asymptomatic or mildly infected patients to be isolated at home, rather than in a centralized setting.
  • All forms of regional segregation are no longer allowed.

Rather than easing the policy, the government should completely abandon the policy and ensure that everyone is fully aware of the COVID-19 pandemic.😂

It took about half a month for the relaxed policy to be completely released. I was not used to it. When I walked to the COVID-19 nucleic acid testing station after work, I realized that there was no need to test nucleic acid. People were very happy when they learned of the release, but they soon woke up from the temporary happiness and realized that now everyone should be responsible for their own prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus. This led to a run on banks, as people rushed to buy medicines, masks and tests. It was also a playground for speculators, who piled up and resold their products at high prices, and unscrupulous merchants who advertised their miracle drugs and made a lot of money.

Soon, the epidemic is spreading in an unstoppable trend. I am not sick yet, but my family members and colleagues have a disease rate of over 50%, and I am expected to get sick soon. For now, the situation is positive. I see the government cracking down on speculators, the government providing access to medicines, the hospitals operating at full capacity, the food supply in the supermarkets, and the most important thing is that my family and colleagues are slowly recovering from the illness.

2020 COVID-19 outbreak

When I returned home after taking the postgraduate entrance exam in 2020, I happened to see the news that a virus was spreading rapidly in Wuhan. Unexpectedly, just after the Spring Festival, the epidemic completely broke out. My family and I have been ordered by the government to stay at home and not go out. Thanks to the food prepared during the Spring Festival, we don’t worry about food. We just eat, drink and play, and pay attention to epidemic prevention every day. The regional control policy worked very well, and the epidemic was quickly brought under control, and everyone praised the success of the policy. When the epidemic ended, I graduated from university and went to Guangdong Province to work.

A three-year-long epidemic

When the outbreak in Wuhan was brought under control, everyone thought it was over, but in fact, the three-year epidemic has just begun.

In the last three years, a small number of infected people will emerge from time to time across the country. As long as there are infected people in the city, the government will implement the regional control policy, which greatly restricts people’s freedom. Everyone has to waste half an hour of their life to queue up at nucleic acid testing stations every day. Over time, people get tired of this kind of life and think that the current weak toxicity of COVID-19 is not enough to support such stringent regional control. There are some clues from the freak outbreak: the company responsible for nucleic acid testing lied to the people.

Nationwide routine COVID-19 nucleic acid testing is making these companies a fortune. Fearing that no one would test COVID-19 nucleic acid after the epidemic was over, and that they would not be able to make money, the company, driven by profit, began to falsify data and artificially create an epidemic to stimulate the local market for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing. This caused quite a stir, and discontent built up, culminating in the death of people in the Xinjiang fire, and demonstrations were organized in several major cities across the country against the existing lockdown policy.

Under the influence of various factors, China issued the “New Ten” policies mentioned above. Is the three-year epidemic over? I don’t think so. The domestic epidemic is just beginning, and we may eventually have to live with the virus.

(A COVID-19 nucleic acid sampling site in Beijing was dismantled)

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